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About Us

A common sense approach and proven methodology to help your business accelerate growth.

Great companies often fail to reach their full potential despite innovative product portfolios and hugely talented teams. Third Wing is a business strategy firm with the singular focus of helping small and mid-sized firms and promising startups break through and reach their full potential.

As experts in brand identity, messaging, marketing & advertising, sales strategies and business development, we rapidly identify specific roadblocks to your success and develop a concrete, cost-effective plan to quickly remove them.

So who do we help?

– Companies with great ideas, products and teams that aren’t reaching their full potential.
– Start-ups with promising concepts that need help crafting a unified voice, internally as well as externally.
– Re-emerging businesses seeking to accelerate market growth or re-establish market share.
– Venture Capital and private equity firms investing in promising companies.
– Family owned businesses needing third party perspective from unbiased experts.

If you are like most growing businesses, you’ve got little ‘wiggle room’ in your budget and even less time to spend experimenting on potential growth strategies that may or may not work for you.

At Third Wing, we quickly get to the core of what’s slowing you down. Our solutions are designed to produce measurable results in weeks, not years.

We are not for everybody

At Third Wing, we help your organization benefit from our many years of big company and entrepreneurial experience in branding, sales, marketing and advertising. We’ll be the first to admit that we can’t help you if your product is outdated or poor quality, your supply chain a mess, or technology obsolete.

We are all about making sure your message is on target, you are intelligently identifying your target customers, and effectively reaching them with that message, all for the purpose of taking you where you want your business to go.