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Marketing and Advertising

Initial judgments about the quality of your product are often based on the quality of your marketing and advertising materials.  If you don’t have clear, appealing, and professional marketing tools, your customers will think the same about your products and services. You’ll look small, inexperienced, and unprofessional.

In addition, most forms of advertising, even digital venues, can be expensive investments for business operators.  It’s crucial that before any advertising dollar is invested, a communication’s purpose, target, appropriate message, branding, and response measurement criteria are defined.

Third Wing brings Fortune 500 marketing and advertising experience to all of our clients’ businesses, no matter their size.  We know how to design and create winning materials and campaigns, can advise you how to best leverage limited dollars, and constantly seek new ways to leverage inexpensive electronic means and social networks to support marketing and advertising goals.



Marketing plan evaluation and strategy

The pressures of juggling day-to-day priorities can take your attention away from the important task of setting longer-term goals and adjusting current strategies to achieve them. Spend a few hours with the Third Wing team and find a whole new way of thinking about your brand and your marketing.

Marketing budget evaluation and recommendation

Worried that you might be spending too little, or too much, on your marketing program? We work with many, many companies in a variety of industries.  No matter what their business, the first question we ask is, “What are you trying to achieve?” We can provide an unbiased third party evaluation for an appropriate level of marketing investment based on your industry, competition, and strategic goals.

Advertising strategy, planning, and media

There have never been more media outlets available to advertisers. So how do you decide where to focus your efforts, time and limited funds?  We can help you sort through the thicket of traditional, digital, event and social media advertising and emerge with a clear plan, firm budget, and established timetable.

Ad campaign development and management

Third Wing knows the advertising business inside and out. We have decades of experience on the agency side, growing small businesses and managing world-class brands. We can help you work with your internal resources to develop and place engaging and memorable advertising campaigns, whether they are local, national, or industry-focused.

Collateral development

Third Wing can work as an extension of your in-house marketing team, or outsource it all to us as your virtual marketing team partner. We can simply provide you strategic guidance, or take on the whole process, from concept and content development, to graphic design, printing and delivery. Whatever your choice, we help ensure that your materials are brand consistent, concise, compelling and cost-effective.

Video and Commercial Production

Our team has extensive experience in commercial production, from six-figure national TV spots, to localized radio, to increasingly tactical use of video for segmented audiences and specific purposes such as social media and web placement.  Technical advances and widespread adaption of video enables us to craft a sensible plan that enhances other aspects of the communications strategy at low cost.

Website development, optimization, and ecommerce solutions

Your website is the most visible reflection of your brand, company and offerings.  Third Wing has extensive experience developing corporate websites, eCommerce sites, microsites, and highly targeted landing pages. Unlike most other firms, we’ll not only execute the design and technical build, but can also help you develop a content strategy, voice, and verbiage. And we make sure that your website is the foundation of your entire marketing strategy, incorporating SEO and SEM, lead generation, and electronic email messaging as appropriate and cost-effective to bring your target audience to your site.

Social Media strategy and execution, including electronic communications

You know your business should be leveraging social media.  But where does it fit within your strategy, which venues are most suitable to your business and purpose, and what will it cost?  Third Wing can help you sort through it all, build a strategy, and manage the program for you, including performance measurement.