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Our Approach

Successful companies and start-ups seeking accelerated growth need more than just a great idea.

Often, marketing services firms are quick to recommend ‘a freshened approach’ or a new campaign without considering the many areas critical to success.

Third Wing’s approach considers the whole picture and then offers a cost-effective way to identify and remove the roadblocks to growth.  It begins with a review and understanding of your company’s place in the market: who are your competitors, who are the best prospects for growth, what do customers want, how have these scenarios changed since your offerings were first introduced?

Some of the roadblocks we frequently encounter:

–          Lack of meaningful brand differentiation
–          Unpolished, inconsistent corporate identity
–          Misidentification of the target audience – missed opportunities
–          Ineffective or limited communication with prospects
–          Poorly maintained and used database (or none)
–          Misalignment of marketing priorities and strategies with company goals

Audit for Growth

Most Third Wing client engagements begin with an Audit for Growth, an in-depth discussion of your company’s products and services, competitors, marketing efforts, business goals and any other aspects that contribute to an understanding of the path to growth. We understand that you have little appetite for this process to take weeks or months.  We know what questions to ask and how to ask them to quickly get to the core of what is slowing you down, helping you begin to remove or negotiate those obstacles and start producing measurable results…quickly.