We Create Breakthrough Moments For Successful Businesses

Third Wing Business Strategies is a marketing services company designed with the sole purpose of helping small to mid-sized businesses reach their breakthrough moment.  Whether you need business development and sales support, a clear and differentiated brand presence, collateral, a web or social media strategy, or even just a more effective sales presentation, we can help. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves with backgrounds in advertising, marketing, sales, and web technology.  We’ve started and grown our own successful businesses and brands.  In 2006, we brought our portfolio of skills and experience together to help clients benefit from world-class sales and marketing, advertising, expert guidance, responsive service, and sane pricing.

Some marketing companies claim they can do everything for you, from logo development to search optimization, to fixing your computers.  Others offer to come in – for a great deal of money and time – and tell you how they can run your business better than you do.

Our clients are already great at what they do. What we do is help businesses like yours find and attract new customers, new sales, and new opportunities.

Business and Sales Development
Are you and your business ready to break through? Is your message clear, your business differentiated, your team prepared? Are you reaching and persuading the right prospects and closing sales successfully?
We can help you evaluate your current position, identify those areas holding you back, and help your company bypass the competition. [read more]

Marketing and Advertising
Third Wing designs and creates world-class web sites, eCommerce solutions, advertising, public relations, and social media campaigns. We can advise you how to best leverage limited dollars, build winning marketing and advertising strategies, and deliver a creative, polished, and professional image.
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Identity and Positioning
What makes your business different from your competition? Not just in your mind, but in the mind of your customers. What is it like being your customer? When are you the “go to” firm for customers’ needs? You know your business is not like your competitor’s business. We can help you to articulate that difference.
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