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Identity, Positioning, and Differentiation

What makes your business different from your competition?  Not just in your mind, but in the mind of your customers?  Your brand is what sets you apart.  But your brand is not just your logo. Your brand is also the cumulative experiences that come to mind when prospects and customers think about and interact with your business–What is your company really good at?  What is it like being your customer? When are you the “go to” firm for customers’ needs?

You know your business is not like your competitor’s business. We can help you to articulate that difference.








We can provide you with clear, persuasive, and well-differentiated communications that position your business as a market leader of choice, give your team a common voice, and successfully support your brand.

Now about that logo and your corporate identity. Certainly a major part of the challenge for any business is the wide range of cost in establishing a recognizable and memorable identity. A logo can cost $10,000 or $100. Is $10,000 too much? Absolutely. Is $100 too little? Probably. And although your brother-in-law will do it for free, he probably shouldn’t.  We’re really good at creating unique corporate identities. Just ask us.

Identity audit, strategy, and unification planning

As organizations grow, business identities have a tendency to fragment. Changes in leadership, rapid growth, customer needs, and product expansion can all be factors in this dissolution. We can provide an objective third party analysis of the power and effectiveness of your current brand identity, build a strategy to focus the strengths of that identity, and unify the core elements of your brand across your organization.

Creative concepting and identity packaging, including logo development

Third Wing is highly experienced in developing compelling, exciting new emerging brands, as well as growing and supporting major, internationally recognized businesses as they expand their product lines or market reach.  With Third Wing, local, regional and national or international businesses benefit from access to world-class creative resources at reasonable, cost-effective prices.

Competitor analysis and positioning

We realize it can be overwhelming to stay focused on your own product, team, and customer, and simultaneously stay vigilant of potential competitive threats.  Third Wing can help you understand your current position in your marketplace, address weaknesses that may be slowing you down, identify the strengths and apparent marketing strategies of your competitors, and help build a roadmap to not only compete, but to dominate.

Product and services positioning

The Internet has exponentially increased the amount of product information and options available to buyers. As experts in marketing, advertising and branding, Third Wing can help you better understand the market where you currently compete and build strategies to capture buyer mind share. Ultimately, appropriate product positioning will help you dominate your market by successfully influencing purchasing decisions.


Need help with a simple, affordable package or label design? Our creative team can help!