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Business and Sales Development

At Third Wing we know that the key to your success is to get and keep more customers.  But the process can seem complex and overwhelming when your first priority is the day-to-day operation of your business.  We can work with you to make it much simpler.

Determining who the target is for your product or services is the first step in the process.  By discussing your goals, current customers and products we help you clearly define the universe of prospects.

Target prospect identification and qualification

Finding those prospects is one of Third Wing’s specialties.  Our expert research team works with you to develop a list of prospects including their titles, addresses, emails and other pertinent information. The next important step is qualifying them to ensure that they are solid prospects. There is no point in communicating with–or annoying–those who will never need or buy your product.

Strategic database development, management and analysis

A well-developed and qualified list is your company’s treasure and needs to be treated with care. This database becomes the foundation of your outreach to your customers, providing your sales team with all the information they need to sell.  But, it is an organic tool that needs constant care and attention. Third Wing’s research group can provide the tender loving care your database needs on an ongoing basis.

Prospect communication and follow-up

Our experience has shown that a single customer communication is virtually worthless. Prospects need nurturing with consistent and persistent (but still relevant) messaging to begin to get to know your offerings and your company. Our finely crafted messages are designed to keep you top-of-mind among your prospects.

In conjunction with your staff, or as an adjunct, we can also begin contacting those customers to provide them with information, send materials, or perhaps set meetings for you to tell your own story.