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Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center

Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center (CFSHC) is a remarkable organization based in Lakeland, Florida that services individuals with hearing and speech-language communication disorders. For many years the Center has primarily served an underprivileged patient population lacking private insurance.  Coincident with its move to a new, beautiful state-of-the-art facility,  the Center wanted to create a new website with a more appealing, colorful and welcoming appearance and more extensive information for patients, potential patients, donors and referring physicians.


The Center tasked Third Wing with creating a new website as bright, colorful and welcoming as its beautiful new facility.


Third Wing was delighted to be able to provide this deserving not-for-profit entity with a website that reinforced the beauty of their vision and commitment to the local community, and the function of their lovely new offices.

Building excitement and setting expectations

We started by helping the Center with online promotion about the upcoming move and forthcoming web, in turn helping them build excitement and set expectations around their move to the new facility. We then worked with them to design and build a bright, cheerful, and informative web presence (www.cfshc.org). At their request, the site was constructed using WordPress technology, allowing the Center to grow, change and adapt the site to their evolving needs going forward without technical assistance or cost.

The Center has now relocated to their beautiful new building, and both it and the new web site have been resounding successes.