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HESCO, an agricultural supply cooperative based in Central Florida, initially engaged Third Wing to help them restart a proprietary customer application, Trailer Tracker, by redesigning the GUI, rebuilding the application itself, and creating an attractive brand stylization and supporting marketing materials.


As a result of success in that project, Third Wing was engaged for a much bigger, multi-year project that is helping the Company successfully transition from a members-only structure to a public, online source of operating supplies.


Creating a New Web Presence

We started by redesigning and building a new website that includes a sophisticated and robust online ordering system. (www.hesco-fl.com)  Simultaneously, a complete identity package – business cards, signage and collateral — was created, contemporizing the traditional logo and bringing color and life to HESCO’s products and services. Even during the process of developing the new site, Third Wing was able to aggressively pursue new business opportunities for the company’s expanding product lines, moving from one to four primary product segments, by creating direct mail campaigns that sent prospective customers to landing pages describing the products (and capturing prospect information for follow-up.)

Communication Design and Business Development

Third Wing continues to lead communication design and business development for all products in HESCO’s business units including field bins, janitorial supplies, ProMaka (an environmentally-friendly line of cleaning products), gift fruit packaging and other vertical segments. Third Wing is actively engaged in developing new prospects for these units as well as creating marketing materials for each, culminating in phased campaigns that ensure new prospects are reached a minimum of  six-to-eight times.