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In 2008, MXOtech, a Chicago-based networking and technology company, hired Third Wing.  With solid client engagements in networking solutions and custom software development, MXOtech turned to Third Wing for help with its own needs:  building a marketing presence to reflect both its vibrant personality and its growing stature in the business community, and expanding its client roster.


Over the course of this long-term relationship, Third Wing has advised MXOtech on many aspects of its business.


These include marketing strategies to more widely promote Microsoft’s SharePoint technology, develop new clients in the health insurance and medical provider segments, and highlight MXOtech staff’s ability to apply business logic to creatively solve clients’ problems.

Widening the Circle of Qualified Prospects

In addition to developing a range of marketing materials and a newly relaunched website (www.mxotech.com), Third Wing has built a large database of qualified prospects and an extensive communications campaign. A versatile marketing kit with one-sheets on the company’s areas of specialty, post cards, Constant Contact email campaigns, electronic brochures and other materials have been developed for direct mail and one-on-one presentations.

Third Wing has been able to increase the company’s circle of prospects exponentially with new and larger-revenue clients coming on board.  New ideas are examined continuously for growth with an eye toward energizing the plan while staying on focus.