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WB Skinner Customs Broker

W.B. Skinner, a family-owned customs brokerage company based in New Jersey, strongly desired to broaden its customer base and build awareness of its services to a larger group of potential clients. Building on the company’s history of personal, responsive service, and its special expertise in medical devices, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, we created a multi-media campaign to enhance Skinner’s reputation as a trusted authority in Customs Clearance.


Defining and articulating a unique value proposition for the best target market segments was the first step.


Increasing awareness and marketing momentum

Third Wing’s research team tested various prospect categories, then generated qualified prospects in each target industry, while crafting relevant and compelling marketing messages for each. Throughout this process, both Third Wing and WB Skinner understood that the marketing materials needed significant enhancement and brand unification, but sought to start increasing awareness and marketing momentum while basic supporting materials were in development.

Now, with the recent launch of  Skinner’s major new, updated and fully optimized web site, the team is using multiple venues, including direct mail, email marketing, and phone follow-up, to build awareness of Skinner offerings among its target audience.