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Zeldis Research Associates

Zeldis, a full-service, consultative market research firm based in New Jersey, has provided qualitative and quantitative services to a wide variety of clients in insurance, education, publishing, and financial industries for over twenty years.  Its core team, busy with both repeat and new client engagements, has had little time to update the company’s image and branding to keep pace with its new growth.

Building a solid brand and positioning, identifying vertical and cross-vertical markets

Initially, Zeldis presented a very broad and generic description of its services, with little differentiation of its offerings to its varied industry audiences. Third Wing helped a new positioning, focusing on the customized approach Zeldis brings to market research, and its deep expertise in specialized verticals.  In addition, Third Wing developed a database of relevant contacts in these fields; utilized marketing strategies including direct mail, landing pages, social media, trade shows, and electronic messaging; and initiated follow-up phone calls and other outreach to the target audience.


Third Wing has been fortunate in the six years since its initial engagement to assume more and more project responsibilities, acting in essence as a virtual marketing department extension of the Zeldis team.


Creating New Opportunities

Third Wing has refreshed the Zeldis logo and corporate identity, helped improve key messaging, designed and built a new web site (www.zeldisresearch.com) more reflective of the company’s consultative abilities as well as the breadth of their insights for clients, and embarked on marketing campaigns for each of its target vertical markets. In the past two years, we have also helped broadened awareness of, and built business for, Zeldis’ cross-vertical solutions such as customer journey, international, millennial, and product concept testing.