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Bright Smiles of Winter Haven

Bright Smiles of Winter Haven, a wonderful and welcoming pediatric dental practice in Central Florida, had an objective of getting more new young patients. Historically they had been relying on their internal professional staff to create marketing programs and opportunities. They brought in Third Wing to build a more strategic and efficient plan, and executive all aspects.

Third Wing is excited by the opportunity to work with Bright Smiles and their enthusiastic and supportive staff as their outsourced marketing department.


Third Wing works with Bright Smiles of Winter Haven on an ongoing basis to expand their practice and extend their brand.


Bright Smiles of Winter Haven provides specialized dental care for children ranging in age from infants to teens.

Third Wing began by analyzing where their current patients were coming from and found that current patients’ recommendations were powerful incentives for other parents to consider Bright Smiles. Third Wing designed a testimonial campaign, using real patient families, delivered via direct mail and social media and supported through local branded events.

An additional source of new patients was found to be general dentists and family doctors. Third Wing created a campaign for referrals that included an information referrals microsite with informal, short-form videos for general dentists, pediatricians and family practitioners, a direct mail effort and personal outreach correspondence.