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Don’t tell the folks at Zeldis we said this, but they’re a blast to work with.  Now in our third year of providing sales and marketing services to this New Jersey based market research firm, we’re celebrating the successes we’ve helped bring to these very talented clients.

Currently we’re working on building a promotional campaign for a new research method Zeldis has rolled out that utilizes live, online focus groups. (Internally we call it “Brady Bunch” research because of the way the six or seven subjects appear live on the frame of the computer screen.)

This new way of conducting live research is highly appealing to marketing organizations since it doesn’t require research subjects to travel, is less expensive, takes less time, and is a live, interactive forum that fosters fun and camaraderie.

The new campaign will include web, Email marketing, phone outreach, print and social media.  With such a terrific and interesting product to support, we’re convinced it will be a huge success.