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MK Films

Third Wing launches careers of three new directors among ad agency creative and production community through dynamic marketing and sales representation.




Mark Klein was the second director in the esteemed tabletop commercial production company, Peter Elliot Productions. After Peter Elliot’s retirement, Mark Klein made the decision to open his own studio and develop his own brand, MK Films. He asked Third Wing principals to help establish his brand.

After successfully introducing the company and branding Mark as a leader in the tabletop arena MK Films again asked Third Wing to assist in developing the positioning for three new directors.


1. Introduce three new directors utilizing MK Films brand identity.
2. Establish these directors as being worthy of the MK Films brand.
3. Researching, developing and working a qualified prospect list for marketing and promotional use.
4. Maintain continual phone and email contact with prospect lists.
5. Assist in the development of reels that demonstrated the talents and points of differences of
the three.
6. Provide direction as to the kinds of spec pieces the three new directors do to enhance their reels.
7. Concept and execute a series of direct mail campaigns to announce and then build awareness
of the new directors in the MK Films brand.


1. In an industry where there are thousands of new directors coming on the scene everyday,
launch successful careers for three new ones.
2. Develop and maintain close relationships with ad agency creative and production personnel at
a time when agency staffing is in turmoil.
3. Assist directors in determining the appropriate work that would help establish their talents.


MK Films had a seven-figure first year in the business and more than 70% second year growth. In a tough recession period, the company continues to attract repeat clients as well as new ones. Its reputation for stellar tabletop production values and client service place it at the top of its category.

MK Films clients are a who’s who of national and international brands, including Coke, Revlon, KFC, Arby’s, Quaker Oats, L’Oreal, Oil of Olay, and Crest to name a few.

The three new directors at MK Films have all created unique and beautiful reels, and are actively being pursued for projects.